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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 25, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos from the web coming your way, "right this minute". look. look. >> a farmer looks down his well and discovers. >> something you do not want to tango with. >> what happens when one brave man tries to wrestle a viper. >> record this. >> put the phone down. >> a deputy snatches a guy's phone and puts him in handcuffs. >> she says just relax. >> what? >> hear the twist to this story as he's set free and he's in hot water. a naked dude displays some unusual hand signals. >> is he doing karate, tai chi.
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>> how cops put an end to his traffic-stopping performance. >> thursday's buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and a woman's nutty attempt -- >> at trying to love a squirrel. >> see the moment it doesn't love her back. >> of course. via the story of something being stuck in a well is not new to us. we've seen that many times before. but this one is quite different. you'll see why. this is a farmer's well. it's a large well in india. you can see it's gathered quite a large crowd and a large ladder too. someone's going to go down in that well and what they're going down there to get is something you do not want to tango with. look right in this area here. >> oh! >> look at that thing. >> yes. >> it's huge. >> that's awesome. >> that's a cobra? >> yes. this is what these guys deal with on a regular basis. this is a fella from the green
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cross in india, an environmental and wildlife conservation organization. down there to relocate the snake. they don't want to hurt the snake. green cross says every year up to 50,000 people every year suffer death from snake bites because of a less than efficient anti-venom and treatment. >> this is a big deal. >> doing it with a stick with no protective clothing or anything really. >> that's what he does. he's a pro. that's why they called him in. >> this video is 16 minutes long and the majority is the guy trying to get the snake in the bag. the snake doesn't want to go. see just how really mad the thing is. >> you see eventually they get him in the bag. and he's able to climb up the ladder and all is well. this is what green cross in india does. look at this video here. they have a youtube channel. and this is them dealing with a spectacled cobra. >> look at the head on that thing. he put on shin cars guards.
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i wouldn't go in without a suit of armor. >> in a suit . >> they get them out of there. >> but they also care for the snakes. they're conservationists. they get them to habitats where they should be living. >> when you see a sight like this a sheriff deputy leading man toward a patrol car in cuffs, you think something pretty bad would lead to that moment. let's rewind this video and see what leads to this moment. >> as will be or -- >> i'm not operating a vehicle. >> that is the sheriff deputy natalie barber showing up to the residence of a guy named carlos germillo on his property because a neighbor called about their dog. >> can i have a license or i.d. from you? >> that's a government i.d. >> he hands her his v.a. car. he is a former marine. but the sheriff's deputy isn't having it. she said she's not going to
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accept that as a form of identification. >> even though it's a government identification card. >> sir, we're done. >> we're not done. >> she gets agitated. carlos is the one with the camera currently. she's not excited about the camera either and it seems they only get heated on her side of things. >> turn around. she can -- >> i'm recording this for my safety. >> put the phone down. >> i'm talking about my safety put the phone down. >> jane, record this. >> put the phone down. >> okay. >> give it to my wife. >> no. now you snatched my phone. >> she takes the phone. >> none of this makes sense. >> does get a stranger. >> so you want to act all crazy keep your hands behind your back. >> i am. >> jane, record this please. >> you hear the click of handcuffs. he's asking why he's arrested. she says i didn't say you were under arrested. >> why is he getting cuffed. >> what are you cuffing me for?
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>> i didn't say you were under arrest. >> she says just relax. >> what? >> this is -- >> i love to her her explanation. well, chief, he wanted to show me a government i.d. and didn't want to take it and he was filming me and i was on his property so i put him in handcuffs. >> we see the video cut to a different point. his 17-year-old son started recording with his phone. she also yanks the phone out of his son's hand, injuring his hand. >> can i get like ice or something? >> she ends up letting carlos go, no charges filed. the sheriff determined that deputy barber needed to go back into training. also said that after reviewing the video he did not think germillo showed any display of resistance. >> put the phone down. >> no need to do a double take or rub your eyes to make sure you're seeing clearly. this is a naked man on the pcs.
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the pacific coast highway in santa monica. >> directing traffic or orchest orchestra. >> doing tai chi? >> i think he's trying to do the helicopter with his junk. >> oh, wow. wow whoa. >> he folded himself and slid through the sun roof there. he dances. he waves with his hands. all kinds of crazy stuff. according to the poster of the video, he was running around the car opening all the doors. he got back in the car, drove it erratically through this traffic, then jumped out of the car while it was still moving. the car then rams into a mini cooper and that's where this video picks up. you see one of the responders there trying to calm him down he's not paying takes his t-shirt, tosses it. >> who knows what this guy's issue. is it a mental problem or drug or alcohol related. >> no word on what made him do this. >> lose yourself to dance.
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>> that's exactly what he did until he was put in a restraining jacket. ♪ >> everybody, we have an ipad mini to give away. >> to enter you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up in a little bit. you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> standby, everybody, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> this animal experience fascinating and scary all at the same time. these people were out on a safari and they are in an open top vehicle and a herd of elephants with their babies kind of surround the car and that's when it gets scary. listen to the sound of that one elephant. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> and they start crowding around the vehicle. and the people just calmly sit there, trying not to agitate these giant behome musts. >> they're in a convertible.
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you don't have a roof. >> i don't think a roof or window would make a difference. >> you can see the babies are interested. they start wondering what is this thing, never seen it before. one of them just stands there and says, since i'm here, grab a bite to eat. >> holy mowly. >> this one you can reach out and touch this one, but nobody does. >> when you can count an elephant's pores, you're really close. >> finally they move off. >> you passed inspection, free to go. in this video, this woman says this is her first attempt at trying to love a squirrel. >> i will get this squirrel. >> watch what he does. >> of course. >> are you surprised? >> no. >> squirrel eat out of my hand will be beautiful. >> in her defense i understand the desire to want to friend the squirrel. this one she did say it came out less than satisfactory.
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>> wow. the almonds was like her skin. the squirrel didn't know what he was biting. >> wasn't being mean. didn't understand. >> i blame the lady. >> a big-time bodybuilder lifting weights gets interrupted when -- >> stop, what? >> somebody told him to stop grunting. >> how bringing out the guns got the cops involved. plus, they're fast and furious and all rc. >> the detail is pretty remarkable. >> see the furious six parody next. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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like us on this minute. stay in touch all kay long. now back to the show. >> you guys see this guy? thinks he works out? lifts? >> maybe. >> maybe some curls. >> this guy is a body builder on youtube. here he is at his home gym miami fitness. >> give me the ones with the dust on them, marco. >> meaning the big boys. >> 150. >> 150 pound dumbbells. his buddy is there to pump him up. you know how body builders are. you grunt. >> up, up. >> that's impressive. this is not the story that this guy can lift a lot of weight. here's the story.
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>> up, up, up. >> stop what? >> right there. >> he got distracted. somebody saying something to him. >> what did you say? >> throws the weights down. >> what's up? what you talking about? >> somebody told him to stop grunting. you don't say anything to this guy. this guy upset called the cops to the gym because of this guy's grunting. >> what did that call sound like? officer there's a big guy grunting at my gym. can you take care of this, please. >> you can see by the officer talking to him,hat the heck e we doing here. >> the rights on description, the cops showed up in five minutes and saw it was me and laughed. they said they grunt when they work out and told the guy he needs to go to other gyms. everything ended up fine. dumb reason to call the police. another run-in with authority of a different kind pfr video older but trending. dudes bmx tricks on the college campus while the campus is closed. the dude hurt himself and jumped
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off his bike and let his bike keep going. then the security guard comes out. you're thinking, here we go. these dudes are read the riot act, leave the premises, whatever. no, this video is called coolest security guard ever. >> you guys want to do your thing, i don't have a problem with it, okay. just be careful, man. don't hurt yourself out here. i'm really supposed to run you off, but i'm not. >> oh. >> i love this guy. i hope this video doesn't get him in trouble. >> at the end he's like is that a good deal? >> sound like a winner? >> stay on the bike man. >> this guy sounds like a winner. >> you all be careful. >> thank you, man. the fast and furious movie franchise wildly popular. so much so it inspires some parodies. this guy, put together this rc parody. big fan, dedicating this to the memory of paul walker. according to him he says this scene picks up after the end of the sixth movie.
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>> according to him. >> the detail here is pretty remarkable. what they're able to do with the rc cars. ♪ >> i think i would rather watch this. i feel like this is way more impressive. they did all of this with rc cars. >> yeah. >> take modern day remote controls put it together with crowd favorite fireworks and get a video like this. this is flying a phantom. cop ter with a gopro. go up to northern california where they're having a fireworks show and fly close to the fireworks. >> fireworks are close to the ground. next to them as if you are a firework. >> he did take a risk taking his thing up there. that's an expensive rig. could have got shot down by one of these things. >> there was close calls.
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did not lose it on this shoot but did throw it into the pacific ocean a few weeks later. >> oh, man. that's a bummer. >> a woman is spotted holding a stuffed duck but it's not what you think. >> oh, she's taking it away from a grave site. >> that's right, nick. >> that's what makes this toy napping worse. it's a new day so we've got another ipad mini to give away. don't miss the thursday buzzword for your chance to win. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry . and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversr, soso i i w wanant t yoyou u tot. ththerere e arare e cucurrry no credit score oror i incncomome e rerequs to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-xy from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe ef your current mortgage ifif y youou h havave e. the remaining money can be used for anything. ththerere'e's s nono m mononthte payments. anand d yoyou u ststilill l o! cacallll t tododayay t t your free guide and dvd.
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cacallll t to o fifindnd t a great solution this can be. closed captioning provided by -- clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. ononcece, , twtwicice, it's time for new seselslsune scscalalp . it worksks a at t ththee sosoururce with ththe e nunumbmberer oe ananti-itch medicine. plus soothing aloe for fast relief. seselslsunun b bluluee scscalalp itch. don't forget you can upload your videos using our mobile app. this is the fourth time this has happened to jafar ali and it's never going to turn fun for him. he's being held up in a gas station convenience store in sydney, australia. he immediately xwlcomplies.
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>> if you make one [ inaudible ] i'm going to kill you. >> he's ordered to the ground. one has a knife to this throat and they start taking money and cigarettes. >> if it's the fourth time let's work on some sort of security around his cash register there, something. >> in the middle of this robb y robbery, a customer shows up. he's telling the guy to come in or don't come in. not really clear. you can see that would-be customer ran away. >> who would come in. >> right. >> oh, yeah, this looks safe. >> they get away and poor jafar he was back at work the next day. >> now ontario, ohio, police are looking for this thief. see what she's got there. >> stuffed duck. she's taking it away from a grave site? >> that's right, nick. >> come on. >> that stuffed duck was left on the grave cole sheridan. he was 14 months old when he died in 2007. his parents said ever since they bare buried him the toys and
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solar night lights they left at the grave site have been stolen. the police started watching the grave site. this past easter sunday they got a clear image of somebody taking the toy. >> how horrible. this family has suffered a devastating loss and this woman has the audacity to walk over that grave site and just take those items. >> police say that this woman may not be the one taking all the toys, but they say she's the one that took this toy that was left for easter sunday. i'm not kidding when i say, watching the video might give you a little heart burn. lot of stuff going on in this epic meal time video. >> oh. >> they're at the drive-through because they are picking up. >> 200 junior chickens no buns no lettuce no mayo. just the patties. >> going to take those to their laboratory which is really their epic meal time kitchen. they are going to create a
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massive club sandwich. >> oh, wow. like a pyramid of chicken. >> chicken patties. going to wrap in bacon. >> stop right there for me. stop right there. >> oh, no. there's more. >> holy mackerel. >> they take chicken nuggets to make chicken nugget mayonnaise. >> oh. >> and they also just make extra bacon because why not? look how they're stacking the bacon in the oven not putting them on different racks. crisscrossing the pans. >> oh, yeah. >> it is really, really hot. finally they cut their bread, start putting mayonnaise on it, load it with the patties, create another layer of bread and then the bacon. they claim all of this is a total of 170,360 calories. >> good lord in heaven. >> just to show just how much they despise veggies in their sandwich they decide they would prefer to eat paper than veggies. there it is. the final club sandwich looks delicious.
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they manage to cut it in half and have at it. >> good grief. >> all right. the weekend is in sight. we're going to celebrate giving away an ipad mini. >> you will need a twitter account. if you don't have one don't worry. it's easy to create one when you enter. >> you enter on our website then click on the win an ipad mini button and enter today's buzzword. >> let's reveal the buzzword for thursday. >> it is comedy. >> get over to and click on win an i pad mini, click on buzzword comedy, that's come c-o-m-e-d c-o-m-e-d-y. >> if you don't win today we're giving away another ipad mini tomorrow. don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck. >> this guy has coke an mentos and -- >> do a bit of an experiment. >> find out if
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♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! two amazing wing suit pilots have broken an amazing record
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from the tallest building in the world. the tower in dubai. the flyers, look at them, they're ready to go, geared up, the helicopter right above them. they ignite their flairs. >> yes. >> look at that. amazi amazing. >> so exciting. >> i love it. >> they go on an amazing flight around this tower. >> were they allowed to do this? >> oh, yeah. it was sponsored by sky dive dubai. this was an actual world record attempt. ♪ >> but that is really cool. eventually they pull their chutes and glide down. it truly is exciting and remarkable. this video a little older but trending now.
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what will u do with all tt coca-cola. why does this guy have case after case of soda in his living room. >> fell off a truck. >> no. >> collector? >> no. >> he's going to do a bit of an experiment. we've seen the soda and mentos experiment. drop the mentos in. >> seen it a million times. >> instead going to take that soda. >> oh, no way. no way. is he trying to make a hot tub with men tos and coke and sit i it. >> ding ding ding. he takes bottle after bottle jumps it into his bathtub. >> looks gross. doesn't it look like dirty toilet water. >> gingerly steps in. going to be a cool bath. >> put too much coke in there. water line too high. maybe a few bottles left. >> right again, troutman. >> seriously? >> when he lowers himself in he makes a giant mess. >> just him being in there. >> he forget about the weight displacement. >> oh, wow.
3:58 pm
he didn't even spread them out. >> no. >> there go the mentos and it boils all over. too much soda makes a giant mess. soda going all over the bathroom. >> who's going to clean that up? it's awful. a sticky mess. >> if you clean the tub would you sit there with a straw? >> no. your skin is in that. >> your butt crack. >> hair. >> gross. that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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